Dissolution and Succession of International Organizations

  • Alemnew Gebeyehu


In public international law which seems the most disregarded area is succession of inter- national organizations. Public international law after recognizing international organizations as prime actors before international law next to states, it has ignored their issues of dissolution and succession. Neither general rules and principles nor customary rules developed in this area. As a result, once we use analogical interpretation and try to use rules governing succession of states and another time we try to take minimal and inconsistent practices. However, none of them are helpful to settle succession matters, especially transfer of assets, debts, mission and purpose in inter- national organizations. Taking this predicament into consideration, this paper tries to discussion issues pertaining to dissolution and succession of international organizations, consequential matters, governing rules and practices, procedures, transfer of assets and debts as well as mission and purpose are discussed and areas of practical and legal gaps are indicated there too.