Ovarian Teratoma Fistulating to the Skin



Introduction: Mature ovarian teratoma is a benign tumor of the ovary derived from pluripotent germ cells. It can be complicated by infection following rupture of its membrane in the peritoneal cavity or fistulation. The objective of our study is to discuss the diagnostic means as well as the surgery of a dermoid cyst of the ovary. Observation:  The patient had undergone appendectomy in 2001. Two subumbilical fistulous orifices had appeared on the scar with nauseous yellowish liquid. The diagnosis of fistulized dermoid cyst was made intraoperatively during the exploratory laparotomy. The evolution was favorable with a simple operative follow-up. Conclusion: The diagnosis is histological. A conservative treatment is recommended knowing that the haunting remains a degeneration in women who are already menopausal.