Businesses through Human Resource Technology - Innovations and Dominance

  • Dr. Prof


In a blog post made by Rouse M human resource technology in short HR-Tech defined as an umbrella term for software and associated hardware for automating the human resources function in organisation. HR-Technology has become more than a fashionable term to understand modern trend but is a utilitarian term for bringing organisational productivity. HR-Tech has become more than application software to support HR administration and optimise age old HRM but this has become a trend that is shaping human resource management as techno professionalism software innovation and entrepreneurism in admixing the concept of HRM plus technology and ergonomics. HR-Technology is creating the new business i.e. the business of innovation and systematisation through the use of software and computing. So HR-tech has given birth to many business new denturists are moving toward HR-Tech based business. There is ample literature on the impact of HR-Tech on organisational HRM performance but the role of HR-technology in business venturization is still rare. This paper attempts to recapitulate the role of HR Technology in businesses creation and the otherrole.