Bot Contracts: Applicability for Infrastructural Development of Technical Universities in Ghana

  • Harold Adjarko


This study was conducted with the aim of exploring the applicability of Build Operate Transfer BOT contracts for the accelerated infrastructural development of Polytechnics into Technical Universities in Ghana. In an empirical questionnaire survey with professionals and experts in both the construction and educational sector the respondents were invited to rate their perception on driving factors of the BOT contracts systems. An interview session to satisfy the ways of incorporating the BOT contracts within the public procurement system of Ghana was conducted. The study revealed that the major driving factors to the use of the BOT contract system are: provision of assistance to government in financing reducing the problem of public sector budget constraints improves public infrastructure management and maintenance ability of private sector to raise funds for projects and reduction in public funds tied up in capital investment. With the participation of the private investor governments can free up some funds to develop and support other sectors of social and economic priority. Therefore there is a need to explore this concept using adequate policy initiatives proper measures and support from stakeholders to improve on infrastructural development of Technical Universities in Ghana.