Role of Familiarity and Trust on the Purchase Behaviour : An Empirical Investigation on Indian E-commerce Industry

  • Amber Das


Evidence that shopper regularly waver to execute with online vendors because of uncertainty about the conduct of traders or the apparent danger of having individual data stolen by programmers and software engineers. Trust plays a vital role in helping buyers conquer impression of risk and insecurity. Familiarity is a precondition of trust claims Luhmann. This study examines the consumer behaviour and the role of familiarity and trust on E-commerce. The influence of gender and income levels are demonstrated through hypothesis testing methods using Z test and one-way ANOVA. Survey data from 173 potential users bolsters and broadens this hypothesis. The data supports that there is no significant difference among male and female for the trust familiarity and on the consumer’s behaviour while the income level sequels the degree of familiarity of E-commerce. Suggestion for future research as well as implications are concluded.