Identifying the Factors Affecting Agile Project Management in IT Sector

  • Syed Ehsen


It is a common assumption that practicing Agile Project management methodologies will help in successful completions of projects achieving timely delivery and happy stakeholders. The problem is that organizations claim to be following Agile project management methodologies are unable to meet the criteria of practicing agile methodologies and hence fail to achieve the claimed success from agile project management. In this study we have analyzed three different IT organizations that claim to practice Agile methodologies and studied the factors that are essential for practicing agile project management methodologies. After conducting a quantitative survey it has been found out that there is a direct relationship between practicing Agile methodologies and self-organizing teams. The questionnaire survey used in this study serves as an evaluation tool that will help any organization [i.e claiming to practicing Agile methodologies] to answer the question that are they really practicing the agile methodologies and fulfill its criteria. It will help an organization to identify their current standing and improvement areas to get benefit of practicing Agile project management methodologies.